Google AdWords API

Sometimes other folks can say it better than I can so I'll let Olivier tell you what's up with Google's new AdWords API and what it means.

"Some possibilities might include:
  • Generating automatic keyword, ad text, URL, and custom reports

  • Integrating AdWords data with databases, such as inventory systems

  • Developing additional tools and applications to help you manage accounts"

Code samples are provided in Java, C#, XML, PHP and Perl, with more emphasis on the last one. There's a discussion group for developers and a blog, though they're obviously not very busy places yet. They use an interesting quota system to throttle API calls based on ad spending.


Olga said...

Jason hi,

You are working in the Blogger team, aren't you?

Could you please tell me what's going on with the Blogger API? Why the developers group is closed and there's no way to join it? WHy the registration for an appkey doesn't work?

Could you please tell me whom I can contact to create the appkey? We need it quite urgent, and I haven't got any response yet from the Blogger support.

Thank you,

8:36 AM 

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