Blogger API Updated

The folks at Blogger have updated their Atom API this week. The new updates allow for secure authentication over HTTPS (using HTTP Basic authentication), and i18n (internationalization) support, and other bug fixes.

You can find documentation here, and the BloggerDev mailing list here.

The Atom API is a REST style web service API, which means you simply use the HTTP protocol with GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE commands. For instance if you want blogger to return a list of blogs for an account go to and login with your username. The result of the GET command will be an XML representation of the blogs you author.

The Atom API allows you to:

  • Get a list of a users blogs
  • Get an atom feed of a blog
  • Get an atom feed of a blog entry
  • Create a new blog entry
  • Edit a blog entry
  • Delete a blog entry


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