Google Search API Limiting Results

When using the Google Search API I noticed that google there is a discrepancy between a Google search on their web site, and a google search using their web api.

Google claims that:
With the Google Web APIs service, software developers can query more than 8 billion web pages directly from their own computer programs. The Google web search API uses the SOAP and WSDL standards.
If you do a Google search for the letter a, the most common letter in the English language from Google's web site you will get 8 billion results. Now if you try this search from the Google API you only get 5.2 billion results.

Note that I have filtering turned off on both the Google Web site, and in the Google API (with filtering turned on you get about 2.8 billion results).

So the question is, where are those other 3 billion results? Google claims that you can access all 8 billion pages in their index with the API, but my results show otherwise.


Chad Kraeft said...

Even worse, the estimates shown between the two also have discrepencies, making it next to worthless when used to make business decisions because now both sources are suspect.

1:01 PM 

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